I started Move Physiotherapy to help busy people get better quicker. I believe the best way to do this is to maximize our time during our appointments doing the things you can not do on your own. In the "Move Model", your home exercises are just that, home exercises. I will spend approximately 10% of your treatment session making sure you are doing them correctly and adding new ones as needed. I won't spend the majority of your session watching you re-do all the exercises you did last time. The rest of your hour is spent utilizing the treatments that you can not do yourself. Below are treatments we offer and a description of each. Not every person needs every treatment, we pick what your body responds to.

Top 5 Diagnoses I Treat

Low Back Pain - bulging/herniated disc, sciatica, degenerative disc disease

Neck Pain - sprains/strains, bulging disc, cervicogenic headaches

Shoulder Pain - rotator cuff pathology, labrum tears

Hip Pain - sciatica, labrum tears, sprains/strains

Knee Pain - meniscal tears, sprains/strains, patellar tracking dysfunctions

Joint Mobilizations

Joint mobilization is a technique that mobilizes joints of the body in a fashion that recreates normal anatomical movement. This can be done on any part/joint of the body. Joint mobilizations are small amplitude movements that do not create a cavitation when done. A very large percent of patients will benefit from this technique.

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Manipulations are small amplitude high velocity thrust techniques that create quick stretch at a joint. These are most commonly done on the spine, but can be performed on many joints. Dr. Mike assesses each patient to see if they are a candidate for spinal manipulation before performing. Approximately 50% of patients require/benefit from this technique.

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique that uses a needle to get down into the muscle tissue in order to affect it at the deepest level. At Move Physiotherapy I perform trigger point dry needling and place and leave dry needling with electrical stimulation.

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Graston Technique

Also known as "scraping" Graston Technique uses metal tools to break up fascial adhesions in the body. Fascia is kind of like Saran Wrap that goes around your muscle tissue. When it gets "wrinkles" in it your mobility is limited, similar to when Saran Wrap folds up on itself it doesn't fit over the bowl any more. I try to "iron out the wrinkles". Graston is the company that first popularized this technique and the tools that I have been using every day for over a decade.

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Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft tissue mobilization is basically medium to deep tissue massage that affects muscle knots and trigger points. Muscle tissue will get knots in it similar to the way your hair does. I will just help you "comb out the knots".

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Dynamic Cupping

If you watched the 2020 Summer Olympics you may have seen Michael Phelps with some large circular bruising on his back. That was from static cupping. I do a different technique called dynamic cupping where I keep the cup moving to create a wave effect on your skin, muscle, and fascia. I get excellent results with this technique and it leaves no large circular bruising.

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Therapeutic Exercises

I believe strongly in strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight ones. You might feel amazing after manual therapy, but those results will not last without proper loading of muscle tissue and stretching. Without correcting the muscle imbalances and length tension relationships your results from our treatments will not last as long. Your exercises have to be done diligently. There are 168 hours in a week and you will only be with me for 1 of them. The rest of the week you have to do your home exercises. I typically prescribe less than 20 minutes of exercises to be performed per day.

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