Does this sound familiar?

You schedule an appointment with your doctor because you’re experiencing pain that seems to be getting worse, and you’re worried.

The doctor spends 15 minutes listening to your problem and hands you a prescription for meds you’d rather avoid taking.

Then, you hear what you hoped to avoid…

“Call us back if this doesn’t resolve your problem.”

You showed up to the appointment feeling hopeful about a solution. 

But that sense of hope is replaced by more questions, doubt, and now frustration.

You want a solution that doesn’t require meds or surgery… 

And you want it... NOW!

Hi, my name is Dr. Mike White. 

I’m a physical therapist & the CEO of Move Physiotherapy. 

If this sounds similar to your experience, it’s one of the reasons I opened my clinic in the first place. 

Chances are, you’re on this page because...

You’re wondering if I’m the best doctor for your problem.

Dr. Mike White

Surf City's Original PT

Here are a few reasons patients come to me first:

  • I don’t only treat the symptoms.

Pain is complex. 

Believe it or not, many times (most times), the area where you feel the pain is not the only area that requires treatment.

  • Every treatment is one-on-one for 60 minutes

Discovering (and solving) pain requires thorough testing & time. 

Rushing this process ends up costing you more time.

  • Pain has layers

As your pain improves, the treatment must also change. 

What needs to be addressed on visit number one should not be the same focus on visit number two or three.

  • Pain relief is not your only goal

You want to stay active & healthy (whatever that looks like to you).

Surfing, biking, running, walking on the beach, lifting weights, etc.

Your goals guide my treatments. 

Whatever it is you’d like to be doing will dictate the focus of our treatments.

Traditional Healthcare

  • At least half of your treatment session is spent performing exercises you could do at home (wasted time)

  • Passed along to different providers frequently, less consistency (always feels like you are starting over)

  • 30-45 minute appointments (always in a rush)

  • Two to three visits per week for 8-12 weeks = 16 to 30 visits for entire plan of care (Double our plan of care average)

  • Difficult to contact/get in touch with your provider with any questions 

  • You're left in the dark when it comes to your out of pocket costs.

Rehab Physical Therapy Near Me

  • 90% of your session is spent performing hands on therapy (faster recovery)

  • Only 1 visit required per week because we prioritize hands on therapy and one on one treatments

  • SAME provider every session (consistency in care)

  • 60 Minute appointments (Get more out of each treatment)

  • Average 10 visits for entire plan of care

  • Faster healing, faster results

  • Access to provider through text & email 24 hours/day

  • Always know your exact out of pocket costs

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Office: 13567 Hwy 50 Suite E Surf City, NC 28445

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