About Dr. Mike White

I genuinely believe that every human needs to play something. You can "play" running, surfing, weight lifting, sports, gardening, wood working, an instrument, art, or just with the kids/grandkids in the yard. But you have to play. People who play something live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives.

I have been in love with exercise and play since I was a kid. Nothing has changed even now that I am over 40 years old (yikes!). Through middle and high school my main sport was wrestling. Upon graduation and going to college I slowly transitioned to long distance running which I have been doing for over 20 years now. I've completed

* 16 - Full Marathons

* 6 - 50 mile races

* 1 - 100 mile race.

While looking for a way to cross train in 2017 I discovered stand up paddle boarding. You get time on the water, exercise, and the opportunity to compete/test yourself against others. In January of 2022 I decided to complicate my workout life more by adding another sport to the mix. I tried Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and fell in love with it immediately. So much so that it is my primary sport today. I tell you all of this to let you know how much I love to play.

I have worked and lived in Surf City since 2017 with my wife of 21 years, Jennifer, and our daughter Lola. We truly love Surf City and it all has to offer. We get on the beach and in the water as much as we can!

For my career I started in 2003 as a Health/PE teacher and coached wrestling, football, baseball, and soccer. In 2010 I graduated from ECU with my doctorate in physical therapy.

Since then I have spent my entire PT career in outpatient orthopedics. I have had the opportunity to treat over 3,000 unique patients developing a wealth of experience diagnosing problems in human movement. I have taken many courses over the years and have many certifications. What should matter most to you, is that I will take the time to assess how YOUR body moves and help you correct compensatory patterns that lead to pain. Every specialty skill is just a tool in the belt, not every treatment is needed for every patient. That's where you and I spend the time creating your perfect plan to recovery.

Physical Therapy near Surf City

Mile 77 of the Graveyard 100 Miler

Physical Therapy near Surf City

2021 Over Under Biathlon

Physical Therapy near Surf City

Graveyard 13 Mile SUP Race

Physical Therapy near Surf City

2022 NAGA Myrtle Beach

Physical Therapy near Surf City

2023 Paddle For Troops

Physical Therapy near Surf City

2014 Graveyard 100 Miler

Physical Therapy near Surf City
Physical Therapy near Surf City

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