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If you've tried traditional healthcare without success then I invite you to start by watching this 6-minute video to see how my approach to treating pain is different...

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Considering Your Options for Pain Relief?

Here are Some Ways Move PT is Different...

Traditional Healthcare

  • At least half of your treatment session is spent performing exercises you could do at home (wasted time)

  • Passed along to different providers frequently, less consistency (always feels like you are starting over)

  • 30-45 minute appointments (always in a rush)

  • Two to three visits per week for 8-12 weeks = 16 to 30 visits for entire plan of care (Double our plan of care average)

  • Difficult to contact/get in touch with your provider with any questions 

  • You're left in the dark when it comes to your out of pocket costs.

Rehab Physical Therapy Near Me

  • 90% of your session is spent performing hands on therapy (faster recovery)

  • Only 1 visit required per week because we prioritize hands on therapy and one on one treatments

  • SAME provider every session (consistency in care)

  • 60 Minute appointments (Get more out of each treatment)

  • Average 10 visits for entire plan of care

  • Faster healing, faster results

  • Access to provider through text & email 24 hours/day

  • Always know your exact out of pocket costs

Physical Therapy Surf City

Surf City's Original PT

Dr. Mike White PT, DPT, C-DN, Vestibular Specialist, M-WOD Certified

Owner and CEO of Move Physiotherapy

I have been in love with exercise and play since I was a kid. Nothing has changed even now that I am over 40 years old (yikes!). Through middle and high school my main sport was wrestling. Upon graduation and going to college I slowly transitioned to long distance running which I have been doing for over 20 years .......Read More

Move Physiotherapy Services

Physical Therapy near me

Spinal Manipulation

Dr. Mike will assess you to see if spinal manipulations are safe for you and effective for treating your condition. Joint mobilizations are an excelelnt alternative to manipulations as well

dry needling wilmington

Dry Needling

Dry needling targets muscular knots and adhesions at the deepest level possible relaxing the muscle tissue.

dry needling surf city

Graston Technique

When appropriate, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization will be combined with hands on treatment.

dry needling holly ridge

Dynamic Cupping

Cupping with movement creates space between your tissues for fluid to travel through. Increased blood flow means increased healing.



Lyndsey F.

Sneads Ferry, NC

Mike has been my physical therapist for multiple problems. When I was first referred to him, it was for vestibular migraines. This was a chronic problem that was keeping me from doing the things I loved doing. Running is one of them. I found myself sitting out on races that I wanted to do because I just did not feel like myself. Through my PT sessions and at home activities he instructed me to do, I now know how to manage the symptoms when they arise. Since I was feeling so much better, I decided to let Mike know of some hip pain, back pain, and shoulder pain I was having. A lot of this came from sitting at a desk with poor posture, not stretching, and being tense. Once again, he was a life saver. I started incorporating dry needling and cupping once weekly into my physical therapy sessions. Guess what? I was feeling less pain and discomfort. Mike became part of my week with physical therapy. It is worth it if you want to not only feel good but have more energy as well. The best thing we can invest in is ourselves. I cannot thank Mike enough. If you are willing to put in your part of the therapy, I can tell you it works. Therapy does not end when you walk out the door. Our bodies are machines, and we need to take care of them. I am so grateful I was referred to Mike, and I will continue to make physical therapy a part of my life.


Kris W.

Surf City, NC

Four years ago, I experienced an abscess in my spine which caused extreme neuropathy from my chest down to my feet. After surgery, my doctor said I would never walk without a walker and the healing that would occur would be limited and complete within 6 months to a year. I sought physical therapy right away! God blessed me and I was led to the care of Mike White. He worked with me with care, patience, and expertise. He encouraged me with humor and attention to what I needed to recover step by step over the course of nearly a year. Mike’s therapy advanced me from walker, to a cane, to helping me with my “first” unassisted steps! I am thankful for my physical therapist Mike White and everything he did to help in my goal of walking completely unassisted again!


Courtney F.

Hampstead, NC

Mike has treated me for several injuries over the course of a few years. Each time I have been impressed with Mike’s ability to diagnosis my issues and help to correct those issues with hands on therapy and by teaching me proper exercise and stretching techniques. While you never want injuries, when one pops up, Mike is always my first phone call.


Joe W.

Surf City, NC

When we moved to Surf City last year we were concerned we would never be able to replace our former physical therapist in Raleigh. We had really high standards for PT and Mike surpassed them all. I had never had a successful back adjustment before until I came to see Mike. The adjustments and dry needling treatments from Mike allow me to keep playing with my kids, running, working out and playing basketball. Can’t say enough about Mike’s professionalism and physical therapy talents. This town is lucky to have him.

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